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November 25, 2012
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Sebastian huddled the shivering bundle closer to his own freezing body as he stepped into his deathly silent home, the only sound echoing down the corridor was of the wailing wind beating and fat raindrops thundering at the glass of the windowpane. Shutting the glistening black door behind them with a heavy 'thud' he dropped his drenched suitcase onto the cream carpeted floor below where dark spots were already appearing from where the water was soaking in. His numb hand thumbed at the buttons in an attempt to release himself, and Ciel, from…well, it was hardly material now. He was pretty sure that 99% of his coat was water. The sleeves stuck to him tightly, the light brown colour of the coat had turned into a sickly muddy colour. It would take ages for it to dry out, Sebastian realised in resentment.

"Mew?" Finally freeing himself from his material cage, Sebastian flung to coat over the icy radiator along with his hat and took Ciel into both arms, placing the cub over his shoulder. "Mew?" Sebastian's face screwed up as he felt the violent shivers and heard Ciel's tiny teeth chattering away like there was no tomorrow. He needed to get the cub warm or he will risk Ciel getting ill. Leaving his belonging where they were, he hurried up the silent staircase and quickly crossed the landing to his room, pausing for a second to turn the heating on. Opening the door (and turning his nose up at how dusty it was inside) he made his way over to his large bed, setting the kitten onto the soft covers. The sheet swiftly turned a dull grey as it soaked up the water from Ciel's ragged fur.
"I'll be right back" He cooed "Stay there" Yeah, like Ciel was going to do anything else. Turning his back from Ciel he walked into his bathroom, sighing in relief that he remembered to leave a full bottle of shampoo and conditioner before he left. Sebastian swung open the door to the shower, flicking the water on and leaving it to warm up. Going back to Ciel he scooped him up into his arms, taking him into the bathroom and closing the door behind them. Ciel wiggled in his grasp, trying to get into a better and more comfortable position. He put up quit a fuss when Sebastian tried to remove his expensive looking clothing and collar, which Sebastian was sure his owners didn't want ruining. Leaving Ciel's clothes to wash later, Sebastian began to undress himself, juggling the squirming cub in one arm. Eventually he managed to rid himself of the soaking clothing and stepped into the shower.

Sebastian was never, ever going to mock human's modern technology again. It wasn't worthless material. It wasn't a waste of money. It was amazing. The hot, steamy water felt fantastic on his numb skin, doing wonders with the cold blood that ran through his veins. The feeling in his fingers slowly began to return, spreading steadily up his arms, warming his bones. He let the water spray over his jet black hair, washing away whatever the wind had blown into it. Sebastian was pulled out of his state of bliss when a sharp and rather painful jab at his head brought his attention to Ciel who was still shivering but had clasped onto his hair with his tiny hand. Twisting the shower head up, he brought it down in his hand and let it run over Ciel's fur. The kitten yelped at first at the sudden temperature change, but quickly settled into playing with the rivers of water, ducking his head through the streams and enjoying the sensation of it running through his fur and hair, his tail flicking happily.

Satisfied that Ciel was warmer, he took away the shower head, slotting it back into place. Grabbing the bottle of shampoo and conditioner he managed to use his pinkie of his occupied hand holding Ciel to open the bottle. Squeezing out the right amount he placed the bottle back and shifted Ciel yet again so he was sitting upright on his arm. His widened in shock when Ciel grabbed his hand and attempted to pour it into his mouth.
"No, Ciel" He said sternly, making Ciel blink up at him in surprise, letting go of his hand "This is not food" A thought struck Sebastian, making his freeze lathering Ciel's hair. What was he going to feed him? He ate human souls, not human food. His kitchen cupboards were bare apart from a few boxes of Earl Grey and some other such drink packets. Water? Would Ciel drink warm water? It wasn't food, and it wouldn't fill him up, but it would have to do.  Ciel suddenly squeaked as Sebastian's hand ghosted over his ears "Sorry" He smiled, taking the shower head once again and running over Ciels head. He then switched off the shower and stepped out, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist. Taking the hand towel Sebastian wrapped Ciel up in it, rubbing him dry until his fur fluffed up, making him look like a tiny puffball. "Now, what can I dress you in?" Sebastian thought out loud. All his clothes would be far too big for the cub, and he didn't want anything to get ruined if he…

What was he going to put Ciel in? Sebastian's eyes widen in horror and realisation. There was no way in Hell Ciel, at this age, was toilet trained. He couldn't even talk! "Augh" Sebastian growled as he settled Ciel onto the bed "Why did I even pick you up? I can't care for you! I'm not a parent! I can't stand children, their all snotty and annoying and can't care for themselves. How am I going to take care of you? You're nothing but a baby! That bloody mutt would've done better than me" He didn't realise that he'd been shouting until pause for air and glanced down at Ciel. The kitten was staring up at him with his one blue and one purple eye, tears forming in the corners.
"M-mew?" Ciel sniffed, his tears now running into his beautiful fur. Sebastian took a long, deep breath, calming his temper down.
"Shh. Calm down" He whispered, taking Ciel in his arms and rubbing Ciels little back and tail, which had settled between his legs " I'm sorry, I shouldn't have shouted at you. It's not your fault. Calm down, that's a good boy"


"Please drink it Ciel" Sebastian pleaded as he cradled Ciel in one hand, holding a small cup of warm water in another. Ciel wriggled unhappily, annoyed that he was dressed in a huge top. It was so frustratingly big on him that he couldn't kick his legs like he wanted, making his mood stroppy and uncooperative. He also hated the way Sebastian had wrapped his bottom up in a towel which felt rough against his fur. "Ok, fine" Sebastian sighed, putting the cup down "I give up. Maybe you'll drink it in the morning" Taking Ciel back upstairs he pulled the duvet open and settled then under the covers. Ciel tossed a bit in his arms.
"Mew?"  He asked, cocking his head.
"If you dare want a drink now…" He sighed "You're a handful, you know that?" Ciel reached out, taking Sebastians nose in both his tiny hands, making Sebastian chuckle. "Goodnight Ciel" He whispered, holding Ciel close. Ciel slowly closed his eyes, dropping his head onto Sebastian's chest.


"WHERE IS HE?" A voice screamed down the long passageways of the castle "What do you mean he took him? YOU'RE THE GUARD"
"W-we were distracted, your highness, y-you see-"
"T-there was a n-noise and-"
"We thought-"
"SHUT UP YOU MORONS" The guards snapped their mouths closed. The man in front of them paced furiously, hands behind his back, his brow knitted together in deep thought. He came to a stop by the small crib, placing one hand on the sadly "Find him. Now" He instructed, his face behind his blond hair.
The guards didn't need telling twice.
Here's chapter two :la: I hope you like it!

Sorry for any spelling errors! :nuu:
I do not own Black Butler :saddummy:
Comments are welcome! Keep them nice!


Chapter three: [link]
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VintageChick121 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student Writer
Funniest and surprising part was Ciel tried to eat the shampoo :giggle:
sukuangtou Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student Writer
Lol! I can imagine a baby trying to do that!
VintageChick121 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student Writer
Well. Babies do crazy things when they're that age. They try to get their mouths around anything :XD:
sukuangtou Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student Writer
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